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Tribes items. Tim Farland
Various Items. Jon Richards
Various Items 2. Jon Richards
Lightning Sword. Jon Richards
Various Items 3. Jon Richards
Helmpack. Relhan
Rubyhelm. Relhan
Sabre. Relhan
Twirlyaxe. Relhan
Fancyshield. Relhan
Crystal Armor set. Relhan
Broadblade. Relhan
Blackrobe. Relhan
Ahnk Sword. Relhan
Gold (Exile 1). SpiderWeb Software
Magic Item. Wyrmfire
Money Wand. Wyrmfire
Medal. Wyrmfire
Knightsword. Wyrmfire
Magic Items. Wyrmfire
Flags. Wyrmfire
Metalscepters. Wyrmfire
Katana and Sai. Yakshini

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