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UndeadDoomVahnataiDemonGazer. Zaloopa (I was forced to cut it's wings. It can't be more than 56)
Orc Warlook. Aceron
Wisp. Elwin Windleaf
Taga. Elsa Naarek
Vitani. Elsa Naarek
Mbili. Elsa Naarek
Anya. Elsa Naarek
Sypha. Elsa Naarek
Razordisc Master. Ithron
Strike Boat. Ithron
Vahnorria. Ithron
Web Golem. Ithron
Web Golem Guard. Ithron
Orc. Relhan
Earth Elemental. Relhan
Air Emlemental. Relhan
Troll. Relhan
Troll Fighter. Relhan
Troll Mage. Relhan
Slith Guard. Motrax
Hand of Croowik. Motrax
Dark Doommage. Banetahtoh
Dark Doommage 2. Banetahtoh
Centaur Lord. Sir Robin
Elf. Sir Robin

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