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Ironroot Treefolk. Sir Robin
Rat. Sir Robin
Red Dragon. Sir Robin
Etherelemental. Relhan
Dojomaster. Relhan
Firesnake. Relhan
Gazer. Relhan
Gold Knight. Relhan
Night Thief. Relhan
Orc Peon. Relhan
Stone Gazer. Relhan
Cold Demolisk. Tim Farland
Demolisk. Tim Farland
Hell Captain. Tim Farland
Shock Captain. Tim Farland
Arch Warlock. Relhan
Axe Champion. Relhan
Flail Master. Relhan
Orc Bezerker. Relhan
Leprechaun. Relhan
Orc Grunt. Relhan
Aquabeast. Zaloopa
Ice Dragon. Tim Farland (Wow!)
Shadow Dragon. Tim Farland
Goblin Shaman 6. Sir Robin

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