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Fire Drake. Paul Henderson
Drake of Nature. Paul Henderson
Dark Mage. Paul Henderson
Barbarian Woman. Paul Henderson
Wraith. Relhan
Witch Wraith. Relhan
Wisp. Relhan
Winged Slith. Relhan
Water Elemental. Relhan
Warmaster. Relhan
Undead Priest. Relhan
Templar. Relhan
Sorcerer. Relhan
Shedemon. Zaloopa
Living Wall. Zaloopa
Rainbow Doomguard. Zaloopa
Vahnatai Gazer. Zaloopa
Sss-Thsss. Motrax
Goblin Wolf Rider. Yakshini
Elven Prince. Relhan
Elven Princess. Relhan
Ether Elemental. Relhan
Fire Elemental. Relhan
Firewisp. Relhan
Guild Assassin. Relhan

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