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Animated Altar. Zaloopa
Locker. Zaloopa
Target (Paste on the type of ground you want to have ot on.) Zaloopa
Roulet. Zaloopa
Portal on Grass (PC.) Paul Henderson
Tower on Grass (PC.) Paul Henderson
Ice Terrain. Paul Henderson and Tony Jordan
Magic Grass. Paul Henderson
Metal Walls. Paul Henderson
Under Water Floor. Paul Henderson
Stained Glasswindow. Paul Henderson
Underwaterfloor. Paul Henderson
Aternative Altars and Runes. Taraka
Glowing Mushrooms (PC.) Elvin Winleaf
Transplament Portal (PC.) Elvin Winleaf
Dark Green Floor. HYZ
Radio Active Metal Wall. WyrmFire
Floor Runes. WyrmFire
Element Carts. WyrmFire
Yellow Grass. WyrmFire
Snow Terrain (The Christmas Tree is animated.) WyrmFire
Living Door. Aceron
Open Living Door. Aceron
Living Wall. Aceron
Living Floor. Aceron

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