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Motrax' Scenario Archive

Note: Most of the reviews are only links to the reviews on Malkeera. That means I have not writtten them. The rewiewers name is written at the bottom of the rewiew. Sometimes the rating in the rewiews are different to the rating I've given.
Sceanrio Name Creator Difficoulty/Rating Size Walkthrow Description Rewiew Total Rating
The Doomed Land Motrax (Me) Low/PG-12 122k No Save a Doomed Land ? 6
Bandit Busywork Jeff Vogel Low/G 51k Here Save a small village from mysterious bandits. ? 7
Requelle's Nightmare Mike Natushko High/PG 120k Here Want to go to the land of dreams? Be careful what you do.... Here 9
Islands of the Wheel Tarl Roger Kudrick Medium/PG 179k Here Can you escape from the Islands of the Wheel? Here 8
Compositus Jesse Thrall Medium/PG 51k Here You recently learned of some trouble in Yossarian, and hoping to find adventure, bought a boat and traveled there. ? 7
Nightfall Scott R. Evans Low/PG 153k Here What if night fell only once every two thousand years? It's up to you to deal with the chaos that follows. ? 9
The Riddle of the Spheres Brett Bixler Low/G 230k Here Find and return the seven Spheres. ? 6
Under The God's Hand Alex Jackson Low/PG 280k ? And so begins our story an epic tale of betrayal, berserk farm animals and ultimately redemption. ? 8
Amazonian Saga Haneda Yoshiyuki Medium/PG 264k Here Save the right tribe on the island of Amazons. Here 7
Tatterdemalion Tarl Roger Kudrick Low/PG 340k ? There is a monster stalking Triane. It MUST be stopped. Three scenarios in one! Here 10
Doom Moon Andres Sergio Tomanyi Medium/PG 160k ? A small rescue mission turns into a nightmare. ? 9
Avalon Clara Kim Medium/G 112k ? The women of Avalon have taken Princess Eillen. ? 7
The Magnificent Six Leon Lin Medium/PG 77k ? Six against hundreds...who will prevail? Here 8
Spy's Quest StarEye Very High/PG 230k Here You are hired by the Empire to investigatea mysterious rebellion. However, not is all as it seems Here 7


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