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Major Exile Sites

SpiderWeb Software's Site
The creators of Exile. You'll find much intressting stuffs on this page.
Exile Trilogy and Blades of Exile Club
A club for Exile players. It has most of the Exile things you possibly want.
The Exile Mailing Lists
A great way to discuss Exile with other players. Find out how to join here.
James' Exile III Message Board / Aceron's Message Board
Exile 3 / Blades of Exile Message Boards. About the same thing as the Exile mailing lists.
The Exile IRC Chat
An Exile chat is held every Friday. Click here to read more details about how to join.

Blades of Exile Sites

The Lyceum
Many usefull hints and advices and a message board for scenario design + the best scenario rewievs on the net. Also info about On A Ship To Algiers, Kalloskagathos and some other scenarios and info about the second scenario contest.
Aceron's Malkeera is back again and better than ever! It has many new sections you probably never have seen before. I recomend you to visit.
Relhan's Keep of Blades
Has one of the best and most well-organized Custom Graphic Archives on the net. It also has an info about the different kind of monsters in Exile.
The Doomguards Realm
This page has a lot of information about Blades of Exile. Here you can find Scenarios, Poll, Exile Graphic Archive and much more.
Archives of Akhronath
More like an "All Exile Site." However, this site has much Exile information about Historical Characters, Places and much more. It also has a Contest in Exile Knowledge.
Skyle's Simple BOE Page
Non-advanced design but well made anyway! The scenario list on this site is much better than SpiderWebs own.
Tim Farland's BOE site
A lot of Custom Graphic, Tips for Drawing your own and many usefull links.
Caligula's BOE Site
A "living" (means still updated) site with an excelent Scenario Database! Maybe it's even better than Skyles..
The Valetian
Page that contains Scenario Previews, Articels, Message Boards and ifo about scenarios like "A Valetian Mystery" and "Plague Against Cyclamen". It also is the new host for the The All Exile Webring.
HYZ's BoE Page
Contains many usefull sections like Message Board, Walkthroughs, Scenarios, Custom Graphics, Survey.
A new scenario archive that looks fine. I don't like the design though, but that's only my oppinion.
Lump's BOE Site
It's not updated since October 98 but still a good site.
Sean Rea's Scenario Archive
New scenario archive. A challanger to Skyles and Caligulas.
The Valley of Lorien
Has stuffs for all the Exile games, but most for Blades. It has scenario rewiews and a middle sized graphic archive.
Andy's Exile Site
Cool Monster Area site that contains many animated pictures.
House of Measle
Site dedicated only to Stephen Masel's scenarios: Johnny Favourite, Farmhands Save the Day!! and The Nature of Evil.
The Knights Who Say Ni!
New site maintained by Brave Sir Robin. It has a quite large collection of graphic and looks promising.
This page in quite new does not contains much yet. However, it has some usefull sections, like the directory.
Exile Monster Colosseum
Best site for Arena Battles and Arena-Monster Designing.
Paul Henderson's BoE site
Has a great graphic archive and scenario ideas. To bad it's "dead."
Live's BoE site
A great place for beginners to learn about Blades of Exile. Also dead.

All Exile Sites

The Netherworld
Great page with Maps, Spell Lists, Tips and Secrets and a lot of other things for all the 4 Exile Games.
Olly's Exile Pages
Well designed site with much info about all the Exile games. Maps, Hints, Tactics and much more for all Exile games can be found here.
Everything Exile
Info about all the 4 Exile games. Most about Exile II. Here you can find dungeon lists, scenarios, polls and much more.

Exile II Sites

Jake's Exile II Page
One of the most popular and best Exile II sites. Here you can find Spell Lists, Monsters and Weapons Lists, Exile II FAQ, Downloads and a lot of links.
The Exile II Game Gate
Great Exile II site with help, links, interviews and maps.
James' Exile II Page
And here's a great Exile II page. It has a walkthrough, item lists, missions etc ...

Exile III Sites

The Unofficial Exile II Page
One of the Major Exile III pages. It has Weapon and Spell lists, Journeys, Maps and Interviews and one of my favorite sections: The Exile Humor section!
More Exile III links will be added later

The Best Exile Graphic Archives

Lands of Tyr-kal: has, by my oppinion, the best graphic collection.
Tim Farland's BOE site : is allmost tied with Tyr-kal

Malkeera: it's bright times for Aceron's Malkeera. The graphic archive is terrific.
The Doomguard's Pictures: Zaloopa has, of course, a large graphic archive. But just allmost as good as Tyr-Kal and Tim's.
Lump's BOE site: A big collection of Graphic and a good site. To bad it isn't updated for such a long time.
The Realm of Ithron: Another good BOE graphic site.
Fiend's Blades of Exile Page: Check out the talk section. Many talking pictures.
Paul's BOE Page: Not updated anymore, but has a huge collection of graphic.
The Valley of Lorien: Has medium sized graphic archive with pictures drawn by different artists.
Lord Jovians Graphic Archive: Lord Jovian says he'll build the largest archive on the net. It's growing quite fast, but it hasn't beat mine yet! :-)
My own Collection: I don't say it's one of the best, but this is MY web page so I can include it even if it sucks!

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