Music for Exile

This is the first page with music for Blades of Exile, Exile 3 and Exile I and II for PC. Macintosh Exile I and Exile II players already have music in their games. But if they get tried on the music they can find other songs on this page. The only thing you need to add (midi) music to Exile 3, 2, 1 or Blades is a Midi Player and the Music. It would really surprise me if you don't have a Midi player installed on your computer. But if you're sure that's the case, a Midi player for Windows 95 can be found here, for Windows 3.1 here and for Macintosh here.
Please tell me if any of these players don't works or you know a better player for your platform. I know many of the Exile players don't like music in the game but I do and these players is probably not here. =)

MOD Music

Note: MOD music requires a special program which can play MOD music files. A such program isn't hard to find however, you can use Winamp (PC) or Soundapp (Mac).
The Exile II Theme (In MOD) Rating *****
The original Mac Exile II music. This is the perfect melody for Exile II.
The Exile I Theme (In MOD) Rating ***
In fact Little Fugue by J. S. Bach. Jeff Vogel used it like soundtrack for the Mac version of Exile I. Could be better, could be worse =).

Midi Music

The Exile II Theme (In Midi) Rating ***
The original Exile II music. I tried to convert it into Midi format. The convertion wasn't professional however, and it sucks compares with the original MOD file. But still a great melody though.
The Exile I Theme (In Midi) Rating ***
This convertion was better.
Zophar Rating ****
Suits excellent to scenarios in Exile like Conspiritus and many else. It's from Chrono Trigger (An RPG I never have played, I'm afraid).
Snatch2 Rating ****
I think this suits excellent for Exile 3. Maybe a little to slow and soft for the dungeons and wandering monsters.
Guitarous Rating ***
A relaxed melody. When you listen on it without playing Exile it doesn't sounds good at all but when you play you'll like it.
Zelda2 Cave Rating ***
A melody as suits for Action scenes (It's not much of these in Exile but they exists).
Final Fantasy 4 Battle Rating **
Suits somewhat for Requelle's Nightmare. But not a great one.
Final Fantasy 4 Whale Rating *****
Perfect for scenarios in surface! Suits to most scenarios in surface.
Zelda3 Dark Word Rating *****
This melody is best for scenarios in Exile. If you don't recognize it, you have missed something Great (Zelda3).
Elvenhome Rating ***
Nice elven song. transcribed by Luz Garcés Piazuelo.
Ancients Rating *****
A tune from FF (I think) sent to me by Oskari Lappalainen. Maybe perfect to listen to when playing "A Ship To Algiers" and a fine melody.
The Loss Of One Of The Greatest Warriors Who Ever Lived In The History Of Mankind Rating ***
In impressive title! This song of sadness was send to me by Sir Robin.
Calliope Rating **
A great piece of music, but maybe not suitable when playing BoE. Download it and prove me wrong. Composed by Randall Betta.
Kim's Song Rating ****
Fast and hard song composed by Randall Betta.
Sunset Rating ****
Great RPG music composed by Randall Betta.
Twisted Carnival **
Quite nice classical piece of music, again composed by Randall Betta.
Dungeon ****
Cool Dungeon music composed by Dale E. Mertes.
General Rating ***
Yet another great song composed by Dale E. Mertes.
Intro Rating ***
Pretty good song. Also composed by Dale E. Mertes.
Gen2 Rating **
More dungeon music. Also composed by Dale E. Mertes.
Gen3 Rating **
A mysterious sounding dungeon song. Also composed by Dale E. Mertes.
Themesc Rating ****
Cool adventure music which suits excelent for Blades of Exile. Transposed by Dale E. Mertes.
Main Rating ****
Great song, transposed by Dale E. Mertes.
Chrysalis **
Pretty good song composed by Randall Betta.

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