Exile is a great role playing game, one of the best on the market by my oppinion. You control a band of 6 adventures and trying to fight at Demons, Soldiers, Beasts and Humanoids at the same time you're trying to solve riddles and quests. The graphic may look a bit crude but try it becouse the content of the game is amazing!

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I strongly recommend Exile II

What does this Exile Page contains?

My new scenario archive.
And links to the best scenario sites on the internet.
My Custom graphic Archive
674 pictures, drawed by me and some other Exile artists. Also links to the best graphic sites.
Read how to kill the most powerfull monsters, solve the hardest riddles and avoid the nasty traps here.
My Exile Music Archive
Add music to your Exile games
Links to the best Exile sites
If you like Exile, you have to check out this section!
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Picture: Motrax saves Marion from the Empire soldiers. Thank you to Sara Danks who pointed out that this is really "Dragonbane" by Michael Whelan.

20th April:

The page has changed owner. I (Motrax) want to thank everybody who have visited this page during the time I kept it, but the times changes and I realize I had to pass over the page to someone else since I never had time to update it.

Joel O'Brian will from now take care of this page. Thank you for visiting me and supporting my page, and good luck Joel.

"They were arrogant. They were stupid. And they were slaughtered."

Motrax about the First Visitation from the Empire Troops.

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