Motrax' Graphic Archive 

Here is my Exile Graphic Archive. I hope you'll find the images you're searching for here. Else you can try any of the sites
below. Do you want to add your graphics to this archive? Send them to

Please choose the type of graphic you looking for:
Monsters 1 Monsters 13 Terrain 1
Monsters 2 Monsters 14 Terrain 2
Monsters 3 Monsters 15 Terrain 3
Monsters 4 Monsters 16 Terrain 4
Monsters 5 Monsters 17 Terrain 5
Monsters 6 Monsters 18 14+ rated Exile Pictures
Monsters 7 Monsters 19 Items 1
Monsters 8 Monsters 20 Items 2
Monsters 9 - Dialog Pictures
Monsters 10 - Talking Pictures 1
Monsters 11 - Talking Pictures 2
Monsters 12 - Exile Art!


Can't find the graphic you looking for? Try theise links:

Lands of Tyr-kal: has, in my oppinion, the best graphic collection.
Tim Farland's BOE site: is allmost tied with Tyr-kal.
Malkeera: it's bright times for Aceron's Malkeera. The graphic archive is terrific.
The Doomguard's Pictures: Zaloopa has, of course, a large archive. But just allmost as good as Tyr-Kal and Tim's.
Lump's BOE site: A big collection of Graphic and a good site. To bad it isn't updated for such a long time.
Paul's BOE Page: Not updated anymore, but has a huge collection of graphic.
Fiend's Blades of Exile Page: Check out the talk section. Many talking pictures
Lord Jovians Archive:  Lord Jovian says he'll build the largest archive on the net. So far, it hasn't beat mine!
The Realm of Ithron: Another good BOE graphic site.
The Valley of Lorien: Has medium sized graphic archive with pictures drawn by different artists.

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